Why Work For GDH? 

At GDH, our goal is for our employees to make more money this year than they made the year before. Combine that with the opportunity to steadily grow your career and become a leader in one of the largest, most trusted staffing firms in the country, and it should be clear why GDH is an ideal place to start your career.

We give you the tools to succeed by teaching you how to develop relationships with candidates through our proven process. But, it’s up to you to put those tools to work.

The day you join the GDH family as a Recruiter, you’ll also receive perks such as a cell phone allowance and access to a wellness program. This is part of our commitment to you. We believe that if we go above and beyond for you, you’ll go above and beyond for us.

Just as our candidates aren’t a fit for each of our clients, we understand that GDH isn’t a fit for everyone. We have recruiters under 25 making a six-figure income, but it doesn’t come easily. You have to be willing to work for it and be willing to be pushed.

We foster competition here. Through this competition between our internal staff, we see our employees reach new heights because these individuals refuse to lose.

We consider ourselves a work hard, play hard culture. Employees are expected to put forth a lot of effort, but their commitment pays off. In addition to raises and promotions, top producers are rewarded with trips and monetary year-end bonuses.

Building relationships is a key part of our business, both between GDH and our candidates and clients, but also between our internal staff. Training sessions and company outings help our employees bond and grow together.

Staffing is a $100-billion industry in the US and this is your chance to seize a piece of it.

We’re looking for employees who love a challenge, who believe that effort should dictate earnings and who aren’t afraid to dive straight into the deep end.

Are we looking for you?