After graduating from Oklahoma State, living/working in Tulsa, OK (home) and 25 years old, I decided to take a chance with GDH, a company I had never heard of, and had no idea what business they were in.  Knowing there were 24 employees and four offices, I started my career as a Recruiter at GDH in Lowell, AR.  Within a two week timeframe, I relocated away from family to begin work – at the time, I didn’t know what Staff Augmentation was, nor did I have any aptitude around “Information Technology.”  Within 14 months, I was promoted to Account Executive, and my earnings had increased 50%.  By the end of 2007, I was earning double what I was with my previous employer.  In the following years, Northwest Arkansas offered me the opportunity to not only support a wide variety of customers, but directly support ‘Fortune 1,’ Walmart.  I was able to develop skills that would have never been possible anywhere else.

In 2012, an opportunity opened up in the National Accounts Division at GDH, and I relocated to Dallas, TX, leaving behind 6.5 years in NW Arkansas and many friends and customers.  This opportunity allowed me to experience other GDH offices and teams, support a completely different side of the business, and continue to build my skills in the Staffing Business as a Sales professional.  Every day, I apply those skills I developed from my roots as a Recruiter, Account Executive and Branch Manager.

After 9+ years with GDH, and 2 relocations, I am in the best position of my career.  Now handling AT&T, as a representative in the GDH Dallas field office, I couldn’t feel more at home.  Moving to Dallas was the best decision of my career, as well as the best decision of my life.  I am engaged to be married in 2015, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Taking a ‘chance’ is what put me where I am today.  GDH offers anyone the opportunity to better their career, expand their boundaries and earn more money than with any other company.

-Jeremy Wilson