Katherine was an intern over the summer of 2015 and accepted a full-time Recruiter position with GDH upon graduation from Oklahoma State University. Katherine is an integral part of the GDH team, and we are lucky to have her! Here's our Q&A with Katherine! 

How did you hear about the GDH Consulting Recruiting Internship?
I met Adam at a career fair at my university (Go Pokes!) and was intrigued by what he told me about the staffing industry and GDH, so I was excited when he asked if I could interview with him.

Why did you decide to intern at GDH?
I learned a lot about GDH through my interview with Adam, and I like how fast-paced everything was. I also liked that I would be doing exactly what the full-time recruiters were doing (on a smaller scale- of course), because I felt like that’s how I would gain the best experience. After my interview with Adam, I had the chance to go into the Tulsa office and meet some of the team there as well. I spent the afternoon watching the recruiters and account executives, and I knew it was something that I would enjoy learning.

What is your favorite part about working for GDH?
I love the culture that we have here at GDH. We are like a family- we push each other and we also support & encourage one another.

Did you connect with a mentor during your internship?
Yes! I had a couple of mentors during my internship from whom I learned both the recruiting and the business side of GDH. One has since moved on from GDH, but I still stay in touch with her and visit often. I still learn a ton from my other mentor, Kelly, and she’s actually now my Account Executive!

When did you realize GDH was where you wanted to work after graduation?
When my internship was wrapping up and it was almost time for me to say my goodbyes, I was given the opportunity to work for GDH part-time while I finished up my degree. One of the things that I really enjoyed about GDH, and still do, is that I felt like they had invested in me professionally and personally. During my time in the internship program, I felt like the people that I was working with genuinely wanted to teach me and cared about my success, but they also cared about me outside of work.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in our internship?
Do it! I didn’t know anything about IT or about the staffing industry coming into my internship with GDH, but you don’t have to have a technical or HR background to be successful here. If you like talking to people, working hard (& playing hard, too!) then you will love GDH! 

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