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Q&A with Katherine: A Look into the GDH Internship Program Oct 24 , 2016

Katherine was an intern over the summer of 2015 and accepted a full-time Recruiter position with GDH upon graduation from Oklahoma State University. Katherine is an integral part of the GDH team, and we are lucky to have her! Here's our Q&A with Katherine! 

How did you hear about the GDH Consulting Recruiting Internship? I met Adam at a career fair at my university (Go Pokes!) and was intrigued by what he told me about the staffing industry and GDH, so I was excited when he asked if I could interview with him.

Why did you decide to intern at GDH? I learned a lot about GDH through my interview with Adam, and I like how fast-paced everything was. I also liked that I would be doing exactly what the full-time …

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Meet the ROC Recruiting Leads! Mar 19 , 2015

Meet the ROC Leads!

The ROC (Recruiting Operations Center) was established in 2012 out of our Kansas City location. The ROC has seen huge success and grown steadily ever since. Meet the Recruiting Leads and find out what makes them successful at GDH!

Paige, Lindsey and Caitlin all started their staffing careers here at GDH as Associate Recruiters. By working hard, and leading by example, they were all promoted and are a crucial part of the success at GDH's ROC. Below, you'll see why each values their experience here at GDH.

"GDH Consulting has allowed me the opportunity to grow my career quickly . The culture in this company is something that makes GDH so special. Everyone working together to come up with a comm…

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Advancement Opportunities at GDH Jan 13 , 2015

After graduating from Oklahoma State, living/working in Tulsa, OK (home) and 25 years old, I decided to take a chance with GDH, a company I had never heard of, and had no idea what business they were in.  Knowing there were 24 employees and four offices, I started my career as a Recruiter at GDH in Lowell, AR.  Within a two week timeframe, I relocated away from family to begin work – at the time, I didn’t know what Staff Augmentation was, nor did I have any aptitude around “Information Technology.”  Within 14 months, I was promoted to Account Executive, and my earnings had increased 50%.  By the end of 2007, I was earning double what I was with my previous employer.  In the following years, Northwest Arkansas offered me the opportunity …

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